The Solar Decathlon '19




Selficient has once again qualified for a final of the Solar Decathlon! This time we are participating in the Solar Decathlon Europe 2019, in Szentendre, Hungary. We will renovate and optimize the Selficient house that we took with us to Denver. The focus will be on the aspects of circularity, modularity and innovative renovation. The Selficient-house will be rebuilt and rented out at the Utrecht Science Park (Read more about that here). Our residents are invited to participate in the re-designing process of the house whenever they stay in it or use it in other ways. This enables us to involve (future) customers/consumers in the design-process and we hope this will lead to a winning house in Hungary, where the Selficient-house meet the needs and desires of its residents, and where a sustainable lifestyle is easy and comfortable and can contribute to the climate goals set by the European Union.



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