Who we are



Selficient is run by a multi-disciplinary team of students from Hogeschool Utrecht (HU), the University of Applied Sciences in Utrecht, the Netherlands. When HU students created the Selficient concept and wanted to go to the international competition in Denver, the HU got on board to support their students with coaches, funds and room for innovation. The Selficient project is an innovative way in which to educate young professionals, where the students themselves run the project and actively participate in Challenge Based Education, where new products and concepts are developed simultaneously as the students gain expert knowledge and practical experience. These concepts, as well as the unique experience that the students gain, can stimulate the society, the environment and the economy in a positive way, and contribute to sustainable entrepreneurship.    



Our team is a multidisciplinary team that consists of students majoring in building engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, business engineering, business administration and management, legal, communications, logistics, facility management, industrial engineering and management. The team has grown over the years, from the four that started to expand from 10 to 18, to the current more than 50 students that constitute Selficient. It is the students who are responsible to run the project, and they are involved in various ways, such as (graduation) internships, research projects, minors and Quest projects. This means that the Selficient team is a dynamic construction and teamwork is a central point to the organisation.

The students are supported by the HU through coaches, teachers and funding, as well as by our vast array of partners and sponsors, who provide expert knowledge as well as technical support and funding. The aim is to create a Co-creating community where all parties can inspire each other and come up with truly innovative and smart solutions to create a sustainable future.


"Follow us on our journey in which we are
designing and building a sustainable house
and contributing to a greener world"



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