Why, How & What

Selficient has the mission to build sustainable, customizable, self-efficient and attractive housing solutions by making the house modular and able to grow with the needs of the home owners. Lots of people may think sustainable living is not an option for them. Sustainable living should not be a privilege, but an option for everyone. With this concept we hope to give everyone access to a healthier and greener life. Why would only the wealthy have access to something that belongs to all of us: the earth?

We wanted to create a sustainable home that is affordable for everyone and with a new, sustainable building standard. The theme of the Solar Decathlon 2017 was self-sufficiency. We responded  to this by working with solar panels, filtered water and a greenhouse that regulated the temperatures. In other words, our concept for the Solar Decathlon 2017 was simple: a circular, modular and self-sufficient house with a modern exterior that is affordable for everyone. Below, you can read more about the core elements of our concept.




With Selficient we are trying to create the new building standard. This standard is based upon cradle-to-cradle and the circular economy philosophy.  We will do so by maximizing the potential of these innovations.